Sábado, 17 Noviembre, 2018

Google's Redesign of Gmail to Include a 'Confidential Mode'

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Eloisa Felix | Abril 15, 2018, 17:44

It has been acclaimed for its simplicity, robust feature set, and usability. The device doubles as a speaker that can play music throughout the home, and you can issue voice commands to control your smart home appliances, set reminders, answer questions and more. It still trails Amazon's Echo but is far ahead of Apple's HomePod and has gained a lot of capabilities since its launch, thanks to the constant improvements to Google Assistant. One of the reasons could be the less availability of the audiences.

The report suggests that the new Gmail could come with a self-destructing email feature, similar to what is already offered by Protonmail. And as a recipient, you'll have a clear idea of when these messages will "self-destruct". "If entire groups of people are being compensated unfairly or not given the same opportunities because of factors that they can't help, then that's not the kind of industry I want to be in", she says in the episode, which was produced in partnership with the Reveal podcast from the Center for Investigative Reporting and PRX. So when she first noticed things at work that suggested she was earning less than her male colleagues, she wasn't sure how to reconcile it with her idea of the company. The report describes that on the recipient's side, the person used the existing version of Gmail and received a link to view the confidential email. It's less dramatic - and it's due to a security feature Google will test out on the new Gmail.

Gmail's expiring emails will most likely be deleted from the recipient's inbox once expires. In other words, you can schedule meetings and phone calls right away without having to check your calendar or searching for your to-do list.

Bored of looking at your email all day?

End-to-end encryption is also not mentioned by Google anywhere.

The Google development team trained its neural network model in order to recognize individual people's voices.

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