Jueves, 13 Diciembre, 2018

Google Testing Self Destructing Email For Gmail

Google Testing Self Destructing Email For Gmail Google Testing Self Destructing Email For Gmail
Orlondo Matamoros | Abril 15, 2018, 22:41

Stating the features of the App, Lolu Bodunwa, Product Marketing Manager, Sub Saharan Africa disclosed; "Google Go is less than five megabytes, 5MB in size, it employs data management and compression technology and as such uses 40% less data". And it may very well expose you to some new authors, though the 100,000 books included in the database are something of a mixed bag. The company is rumored to be including three layouts, a sidebar to view your calendar or notes, smart replies with prewritten responses and a snooze button to mute email threads until you're written to answer them. We expect the new Gmail design to be part of the show there.

In a statement to The Verge, Google revealed:"We're working on some major updates to Gmail (they're still in draft phase)". The new feature is similar to that of Outlook's email forward prevention functionality which was announced for Office 365. As per some screenshots, users will be able to set an expiration date so that the sent email disappears or is unreadable after a week or several years depending on what they choose.

Called Maven, the programme applies AI and machine learning to the job of classifying objects in surveillance footage, but Google responded to the employee petition saying that the technology was intended to save lives and save people from having to do highly tedious work. The real issue is whether we trust our civilian elected leaders to wield that force appropriately. When a user sends an email using the confidential mode, the mail will look like any other email. The message behind the link disappears after some time, but this doesn't mean that the intermediate email also disappears. Google has not mentioned end-to-end encryption anywhere, which means the company is most likely to stick with non-encrypted emails.

The report further suggests that the Confidential Mode is said to allow the users to send self-destructing emails which can be set to prevent the recipient from downloading, forwarding, printing or even copying email content. It's not like your whole inbox will go up in flames.