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Trump Lawyer Wants To Stop Publication Of 'Explosive' New Book

Accusations Author Michael Wolff appeared on NBC's Today show Author of Trump book mocks ‘child-like’ president by Paul Miles Published
Orlondo Matamoros | Enero 14, 2018, 12:23

"They should be concerned about putting out information that's not true".

"It gives validation to something the White House and the president have been trying to undermine", said Dickerson. Bannon left the White House in August.

Special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating possible collusion as part of a broader probe into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

Washington, Unfazed by fierce criticism and fears over his "mental" health, US President Donald Trump today described himself as being a "genius".

On Thursday Rebekah Mercer issued a statement distancing her family from Bannon. "There is a need for neuropsychiatric evaluation that would demonstrate his capacity to serve", she claimed. He told NBC News on Friday that White House staff around Trump treated him like a child. The publisher moved up the release by four days. Bannon is quoted as saying: "He's not going to make it. He's lost his stuff".

The White House has repeatedly denied collusion and labeled the Mueller probe a "witch hunt".

She said that Bannon "spent a lot more time with reporters than he ever did with the president".

Mr Wolff said of the President's actions: "Where do I send the box of chocolates?"

Wolff said people told him that Trump repeated stories, word for word, every 25 or 30 minutes at the beginning of his term but now it is every 10 minutes.

Trump Lawyer Wants To Stop Publication Of 'Explosive' New Book

"I absolutely spoke to the president".

Wolff's book has attracted a huge amount of attention this past week due to the author's highly critical view of Donald Trump's first year as US president, as well as it's more bizarre claims.

"The first time since the Kennedy White House that a presidential couple had maintained separate rooms", Wolff writes.

The book listed lurid details of Trump's personal life, suggesting he goes for days without seeing his wife.

Hamill has been championed on Twitter ever since. Wolff added that he had spoken to people who spoke to Trump on a daily, "sometimes minute by minute" basis.

In another dispute, Wolff said he had access to the White House and interviewed Trump. But the President wanted them to: he filed a cease-and-desist order against the publisher.

"The same way we have when it's been asked before: that it's disgraceful and laughable", Sanders responded.

The new fissure in an already fractious Republican Party cast doubt on Bannon's hopes to foment a movement centered on "Trumpism without Trump".