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Stephen Bannon steps down at Breitbart News after Trump feud — Breaking

Stephen Bannon steps down at Breitbart News after Trump feud — Breaking Stephen Bannon steps down at Breitbart News after Trump feud — Breaking
Orlondo Matamoros | Enero 14, 2018, 08:21

"Now the question becomes: What is Breitbart without Steve Bannon?".

Steve Bannon, the fiery former chief strategist of Donald Trump's chaotic White House is out as executive chairman of Breitbart News, the media company said Tuesday.

Bannon said he was "proud of what the Breitbart team has accomplished in so short a period of time in building out a world-class news platform". The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas opened Tuesday, and people got a glimpse of the technological future.

The former White House strategist, who apparently did his own strategizing in a backroom with a map of blue states and a tin of plastic army soldiers, still had a faint glimmer of hope of remaining relevant as media observers dangled the not-so-tantalizing prospect of Bannon being swooped up by Fox News. "Fire and Fury" will appear at No. 1 on The New York Times' hardcover nonfiction list in the edition that runs on Jan. 21. The broad unpopularity of his tax cut is a sign that his flimflam has not deceived voters as to where his heart and his bank account lie. The president praised one aide who engaged in a bitter back-and-forth on CNN and insisted the president is not only sane, but brilliant. "It's just that, on my side, that just counts for bragging rights", she added. With an office in the West Wing and a direct line to the Oval Office - he reported to no one but the president initially - he seemed well positioned to wreak havoc on the political institutions and leaders he railed against as too corrupt and self-serving.

The president was enraged again when passages from Wolff's book were released, saying that Bannon had "lost his mind". "He delivers policy outcomes based on the information that we provide him".

Bannon also predicted in the book that Robert Mueller, the special counsel investigating possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, would "crack" Trump Jr.

Bannon was fired soon after Charlottesville. An attorney for the president last week sent a cease-and-desist letter to Holt, asking for publication to be withheld. "It's very smart on his part". "He's like a pinball, just shooting off the sides".

Their public fight ended an alliance that began when Bannon joined the Trump campaign and helped the political novice defeat Democrat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. There are no fractures.

He then set about turning it into a clarion of economic populism and nationalist sentiment.

Second, because Bannon's arrogance after last November was a mirror image of our despair.

Trump, perhaps feeling betrayed, tweeted on Thursday night that he "authorized Zero access to White House", claimed he "never spoke" to Wolff and accused the author of fabricating sources. BookScan, which tracks about 85 percent of the retail market, only counts an order as a sale once the book has been shipped.

The champion of conservative talk radio is Rush Limbaugh.

Bannon stumped for unsuccessful Senate candidate Roy Moore in Alabama despite the sexual misconduct allegations against Moore. Bannon provided that sense. Trump calls it an example of his inherent diplomatic genius.