Miércoles, 21 Noviembre, 2018

EA to 'double down' on Switch this year — Nintendo France

Orlondo Matamoros | Enero 14, 2018, 05:01

Even more games are being released in 2018 then were in 2017, which suggests that a stable market is starting to materialise.

Payday 2 will release in Europe and Australia on February 23rd, and in North America and South America on February 27th.

The World Ends With You, which was originally launched for the Nintendo DS is getting a remake of the Switch. It's scheduled to arrive this spring. Wave two (March 23) will add fighter Blastoise and support Pokémon Mew and Celebi.

Lastly, If you've been looking for a reason to jump back into Super Mario Odyssey or Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, we have good news, as well.

They give a brief overview of what the combat is like and the general gist of the story in the mini-Nintendo Direct below.

Celeste is a difficult 2D side scroller that features over 300 levels to master. the title will feature an assist mode and feature numerous difficult trials for the platformer enthusiasts. The game will is released on March 16. Well, Nintendo is hoping to bring a much wider audience to The World Ends With You by re-releasing the game as the Final Remix on the Nintendo Switch. According to GameStop, this is due to customers wanting to purchase newly released titles and collectible products. The latter game will add Donkey Kong as a playable character in a DLC pack this spring. The game will feature your favorite Mario characters sporting tennis outfits, and include a full story mode.

While Sony PlayStation consoles continue to dominate the market against their rivals, it appears things could be changing a little in 2018.

While the lack of online infrastructure is frustrating, the focus on filling up the eShop has paid off. Dark Souls: Remastered will be available on May 25th.

Indie game Fe uses music and songs to interact with its gloomy forest world.

Developer Zoink's beautiful nature-themed platform adventure Fe will launch on Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and PC on February 16th.

Another Wii U game, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, will come to Switch on May 4. During the event there was also a new character introduced to the game.