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Microsoft Fall Creators Update available to all Windows 10 users

James Martin  CNET James Martin CNET
Eloisa Felix | Enero 12, 2018, 22:38

To ensure devices in enterprise environments are running the most current and secure version of Windows with the latest security updates, any device on Windows 10 Enterprise edition or Windows 10 Pro edition that is configured to receive updates automatically from Windows Update will be automatically offered Windows 10, version 1709 after January 18, 2018.

The most likely explanation for the new emphasis is that Microsoft is pushing customers to pick up the upgrade pace because enterprises have been so slow that the company has been forced to extend support timelines beyond their stated 18-month spans. The update comes along with the Windows 10 build 17074 on the Fast ring. Another improvement that the company brings to our notice is blocking and saving passwords for each site. As an IT administrator, you decide when to broadly deploy once you have validated the apps, devices, and infrastructure in your organization work well with this release.

Autofill cards on web forms: With the new Autofill cards on web forms, the web browser now automatically saves and fills the card information on payment web forms.

For Store books, reading progress, notes, bookmarks, and annotations will roamed much faster across devices on the same account in near-real-time via WNS. It's also made some tweaks to Sound Settings with this build. You also can hiding names for individual favorite bar items. Only now has the upgrade been declared okay for business.

Microsoft expands the list of devices and hardware configurations after the initial phase before distribution enters full availability, the final rollout phase. When you're reading a book, we now show a Books icon and the title, rather than the URI, for a clearer and less cluttered presentation. On supported books, you can now hear the book read aloud with custom narration, with the publisher's chosen style applied to the highlight as the book is read. You can also update your device or personalize your settings including your active hours, restart options and other advanced options in the Windows Update settings menu.

Option to never save passwords for domains: Microsoft based on the user feedback has introduced a new never save passwords option for certain sites. When you choose to never save passwords, you shall never be prompted with a save password notification for that site.

The announcement came slightly short of three months after the Oct. 17, 2017, debut of Fall Creators Update, better known to corporate customers as 1709 in Microsoft's yymm nomenclature.

Autofill passwords when InPrivate: Microsoft Edge now supports auto-filling of saved passwords when browsing InPrivate. To enable automatic updates, go to Windows Update Advanced options Choose how updates are installed to make sure they are turned on for you. We're working with extension developers to enable more features when InPrivate. You can learn more about Windows Analytics toolsand best practices for deployment and servicing the Semi-Annual Channel releases.

Now You: which version of Windows do you run?

Vertically dock the Microsoft Edge DevTools: The Microsoft Edge DevTools can now be docked vertically, fulfilling a a top web developer feature request.