Domingo, 17 Diciembre, 2017

House Democratic leaders oppose Texas lawmaker's Trump impeachment effort

GOP strategist Impeachment 'closer' than people think Greg Nash
Orlondo Matamoros | Diciembre 08, 2017, 00:41

Mr Green, who represents Texas's ninth congressional district, took to the House floor in October to say that Mr Trump's response to neo-Nazi violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, his attack on NFL players who knelt during the national anthem in protest, and his debunked claim that Barack Obama had wire-tapped him, had all undermined the integrity of the Oval Office and "brought disrepute on the presidency". It is not about Republicans, it is about the fate of our Republic.

"For this reason I will bring articles of impeachment to a vote in the House of Representatives", Green wrote in a letter to colleagues.

According to CNBC, Green said Trump is "unmindful of the high duties of his high office and the dignity and properties thereof". He argued that Trump has committed a high misdeed and is unfit to be president and warrants impeachment, trial and removal from office.

Green decided not to force a vote at the time, but he pledged to do so before the year was out, which is soon. "I will tell them that tomorrow we will bring articles of impeachment to the floor of the Congress of United States of America for a vote".

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Minority Whip Steny H. Hoyer (D-Md.) issued a joint statement before the vote making clear that they opposed Green's effort, though they stopped short of calling on Democrats to vote to kill it.

"Legitimate questions have been raised about his fitness to lead this nation", Pelosi and Hoyer continued.

Democratic leaders are expected to oppose Green's resolution, but aides said they aren't whipping rank-and-file members on the measure. Green hasn't listened, though, and his aggressive support for impeachment might cause problems for Democrats in 2018. "I will them that it's about democracy".

Democratic leaders have urged Green to drop the idea, CNN said. The vote Wednesday was 364-58, including "no" votes from Democratic Reps.