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730000 children given Dengue vaccine which could make illness more severe

730000 children given Dengue vaccine which could make illness more severe 730000 children given Dengue vaccine which could make illness more severe
Federico Mansilla | Diciembre 04, 2017, 09:20

But for those not previously infected by the virus, more cases of severe disease could occur in the long term following vaccination upon a subsequent dengue infection, Sanofi said.

Health Secretary Francisco Duque has said his department would track the medical history of the thousands of children who were vaccinated and intensify its surveillance to ensure proper care would be given to anyone who may need it.

Most of the study participants who fell ill after receiving the vaccine had cases in the milder two of four levels of severity: Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever 1, where a tourniquet test is positive and a patient easily bruises and DHF 2, where the patient's nose and gums could bleed.

"The Department of Health is prepared for a worst-case scenario", Tayag told ABS-CBN television, a day after the agency announced it was suspending its mass vaccination programme.

Malacañang assured parents of the learners that no case of severe dengue infection as a result of the vaccine has been recorded by the DoH.

The company now has clinical data showing that there is a difference in the reaction to Dengvaxia depending on whether the recipient has had dengue fever in the past or not.

The France-based manufacturer of dengue vaccine Dengvaxia, on November 29 disclosed that the vaccine poses risks to those who had not been previously infected with the dengue virus.

"I will have it investigated and I will prepare ASAP the appropriate department order (DO)".

Despite its promise and €1bn-plus in sales projections it barely got out of the starting blocks before running into difficulties, which have been blamed on political disruption and economic problems in its first approved markets, and the Indian governments refusal to waive a requirement for local clinical trials of the vaccine.

Out of more than 211,000 suspected cases of dengue fever in the Philippines last year, at least 1000 people had died, according to government figures.

Pharmaceutical giant Sanofi Pasteur on Monday said no deaths were caused by its anti-dengue vaccine Dengvaxia.

Sanofi on Monday said there have been no reported deaths in the Philippines related to its vaccine.

"As far as we know, there are no reported deaths related to dengue vaccination", Sanofi medical director Ruby Dizon said at a news briefing.

Sanofi will continue to monitor all those who had been vaccinated for up to six years from the time the first of the three recommended doses were administered, she said.

She said this means 90 per cent of the population is unlikely to suffer a second, more severe type of dengue if they are vaccinated.