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Star Wars Battlefront II released, in-game purchases suspended

Star Wars Battlefront II released, in-game purchases suspended Star Wars Battlefront II released, in-game purchases suspended
Orlondo Matamoros | Noviembre 20, 2017, 07:38

As Fortune noted earlier this week, the fact that the in-game purchases in Star Wars Battlefront II involved players paying real-world money for so-called "loot crates", randomized packages of extra features and characters, launched a debate in the gaming world over whether or not those purchases constituted gambling, because players were being asked to put up sometimes large sums of money for an uncertain return.

I'm glad the company has seen fit to delay implementing one of the worst pay-to-win systems proposed for AAA game, but this was a blatant, shameless cash-grab from day one.

We first got wind of a Star Wars Battlefront sequel in a way that seems fitting in hindsight: it came during an investor call in May 2016, as EA was discussing its financial outlook. With having to keep stuff secret from working on the game?

Playing through the single player campaign isn't just a fun Star Wars action romp or a way to prepare yourself for the multiplayer, completing each mission also helps to fill your coffers ready for when you head into the online game., and several other retailers, have dropped the prices of Xbox One S consoles to under £200. It's the sense of speed when the boosters kick in, the light and imagined heat of a narrowly-missed explosion. Unfortunately, even with EA working to distance the game from its borderline cruel progression system, it's near-impossible to separate the gameplay from the grind that's the spine of the game.

Battlefront 2 is finally out, and when they're not busy frothing about loot crates and microtransactions, one thing the fans generally agree on is that the story is fantastic and Iden Versio is a great lead character. But some players love to jump in and defend that like it's nothing else, and I am here trying to warn them that they are at risk like a fool.

Yes. The second I realized the medium of games was one I cared about, it's like, how did I not know this existed? It's a mode in a larger game, one with some serious customer satisfaction issues.

The Officer class' Battle Command shout is a pretty easy ability milestone to complete, as you just need to boost 100 teammates. EA had been forming a flat base over the past 11 weeks, but undercut the prior low in that pattern.

Star Wars Battlefront II released, in-game purchases suspended

Don't Forget About Starfighter Assaultfeelings milestones too!

And the sad part is that we are going to have to live with this now.

The single-player campaign (mostly) delivers. That might have helped the situation, but many of their answers were overly vague and reeked of PR-speak.

There are many themes in Star Wars, one is family, one is destiny, one is hope. The Hero Crate can also possibly carry Star Cards for Starfighter or Troopers. And for a while, you wonder, is EA really going to let us fully embrace the Dark Side? The question is how much father it can get without meeting legal resistance.

If you're gunning for the top, there is a tradeoff here.

While the idea of pay-to-win has been plaguing the video game industry since mobile gaming started, fans have been relentless in their protest to stop Battlefront II from becoming a game meant to make money for EA, and not for the Star Wars community.

How to quickly earn Credits and battle Points in Star Wars: Battlefront II.

Spoiler alert: Plot details and character reveals from the game will be discussed from here.