Sábado, 16 Diciembre, 2017

Argentine Navy diesel sub disappears, NASA plane joins in search

Argentine Military Submarine Missing With 44 Crew Members On Board US Navy P-8A Poseidon to Support Argentina Search for Submarine
Eloisa Felix | Noviembre 17, 2017, 23:35

Crews are searching for the vessel by air and sea near its last known location, navy spokesman Enrique Balbi told reporters.

He called to "be careful", because "we don't know what happened, I don't want to sensationalize this case".

The submarine was equipped with enough food to continue on its journey to Mar del Plata regardless of whether there were communication problems, authorities said.

Officials were investigating the possibility of a communication failure, according to Reuters.

The Submarine Force Command has been in touch with the relatives of the 44 on board to keep them informed of developments. The navy emphasized that it took proper care and performed all repairs and changes on time.

One of the crew members is Eliana María Krawczyk, Argentina's first female submarine officer.

The rescue mission included two ships, destroyer ARA Sarandi, which has a helicopter onboard, and corvette ARA Rosales.

The United States, Britain and Canada have offered to help Argentina locate the missing vessel with boats and satellites.

If the ARA San Juan managed to do that, its crew could survive for weeks. And while some reports stated the submarine had been found and was being towed to Mar del Plata, a naval spokesperson said that was not true. Submarines can travel underwater for a couple of days, he said, before needing to surface so their diesel engines can recharge their batteries.