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New Russia probe details likely to dominate Sessions hearing

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with the press after his annual televised phone-in show in Moscow Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with the press after his annual televised phone-in show in Moscow
Orlondo Matamoros | Noviembre 14, 2017, 00:24

"I'll send you guys a readout soon regarding some incredible insights and outreach I've received from a few Russian legislators and senior members of the Presidential administration here", the former adviser, Carter Page, wrote in a July 8, 2016, email to campaign staff members after he spoke with Arkady Dvorkovich, the deputy prime minister.

Trump paused Friday to hit Sessions with yet another indignity just before he left the White House for a 12-day Asia trip increasingly colored by his domestic political troubles. "I don't believe that it happened". Trump's accusations follow publication by Politico of an excerpt from former acting DNC Chair Donna Brazile's upcoming book.

Papadopoulos was recently charged with lying to the FBI about Russian contacts he had during the campaign. That issue has been at the forefront of each of his congressional hearings even as Sessions has labored to promote the Justice Department's work and priorities, and Tuesday's appearance is unlikely to be an exception. Nispel said the wireless company may have strategic alternatives with Charter Communications Inc., Dish Networks Corp., or other internet-based companies. Removing Sessions, who has recused himself from authority over Mueller's investigation, could give Trump the opportunity to appoint a new attorney general who is not recused, and therefore could impede the investigation. Prominent on their list of queries: Why did Sessions never previously mention he'd been in a March 2016 meeting when George Papadopoulos, a member of Trump's foreign policy team, said "he had connections that could help arrange a meeting between then-candidate Trump and President Putin", according to a court document filed this month?

Democratic members of the House Judiciary Committee advised Sessions in a letter last week that they intended to press him on what they said were "inconsistencies" between the attorney general's past statements and the new revelations. The person, who was not authorized to discuss the matter and did so on condition of anonymity, said Sessions does not recall any further interactions with Papadopoulos.

A person close to Sessions said Papadopoulos' comments during the March meeting did not leave a lasting impression on the then-senator, who quickly dismissed them and moved on.

Adding to the questions for Sessions was the release by the House Intelligence Committee last week of a transcript of a private interview with Carter Page, a former foreign policy adviser to the campaign who acknowledged that he had contact with a high-level Russian official while on a trip to Russia last year. He said he mentioned in passing to Sessions that he was preparing to visit Russia and Sessions "had no reaction whatsoever". And he has since been steadily carrying out Trump's agenda, stumping for Trump policies and praising the president directly in speeches.

There's nothing expressly preventing the president from opining on law enforcement investigations, and Trump is not the first president to have done so. Sessions also has said he would recuse himself from any Clinton-related investigations. Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein said it was "characteristic of authoritarian regimes, not democracies, and it needs to stop". 'Imposing sanctions for example is suicidal in our case - and because of the pressure. from the United States'.