Jueves, 14 Diciembre, 2017

What's at stake in Venezuela vote for governors — AP Explains

Russian President Vladimir Putin greets Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro at the Kremlin on 4 October 2017 Regional Election Campaign Closes in Venezuela
Orlondo Matamoros | Octubre 14, 2017, 00:59

In June, the U.S. slapped sanctions on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

The Colombian finance minister says the political and economic crisis in Venezuela has become a humanitarian one.

The opposition has received information that the government intends to annul Borges's passport to stop him from flying to Russia, said Alejandro Martinez Ubieda, who's already in St. Petersburg as secretary of the Venezuelan delegation at the forum.

"We have to transmit the notion that the democratic opposition is not classifying the friends of the government as our enemies", he said. The controversy surrounding the court began in late 2015, when the previous pro-Maduro, lame duck AN appointed new judges shortly after legislative elections in December that year.

Just three days before the elections, Venezuela's chief prosecutor leaked a video supposedly showing an executive with the Odebrecht Organization, a Brazilian conglomerate, saying he agreed to pay $35 million toward Maduro's campaign in exchange for favors involving the conglomerate's construction projects.

"We have managed to integrate a tribunal thanks to the international support and above it all, thanks to Venezuelan people", Miguel Angel Martin, who was named chairman of the TSJ by the National Assembly, said at the ceremony that was attended by OAS Secretary-General Luis Almagro.

Whoever takes office will have a full slate of problems to tackle and no easy solutions. PSUV candidates rule Venezuelas other 20 states. But opposition leaders contend it's another attempt to create confusion and prevent people from voting.

"Get out and vote, win and free the country from the dictatorship of Maduro", said Capriles, the outgoing governor of Miranda province. Venezuela's powerful military has so far carried the government through waves of popular unrest, and there are few signs of it withdrawing its support any time soon. "And then, concern about a Venezuelan default, which would have consequences".

Maduro in April signaled Venezuela would abandon the OAS, which it accused of helping to foment economic and political instability as part of a plan by Washington to enable a collapse of the government. This time it is expected to have representatives on hand to compare paper printouts with national tallies. The sale, an obscure, off-market arrangement, is thought to leave Venezuela on the hook for $11 billion by 2036 in return for $1 billion in cash now. The association of more than 170 parliaments around the world, which is holding a congress in Russia's former imperial capital, didn't respond to a request for comment.

It is unclear how much more room the government has to cut imports. A transparent vote Sunday without any electoral snafus might call that into question. "They have lost an average of 8 kilos (17.6 pounds) per person", Cardenas said.