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What's next for Conor McGregor: Diaz, Ferguson or WrestleMania?

Alejandro Castrejon | Octubre 12, 2017, 09:39

Should McGregor refuse to face the aforementioned Ferguson, the UFC reserves the right to strip him of the Undisputed title.

After cashing in on his fame in a one-off boxing match against Floyd Mayweather in August this year, McGregor now has his sights set on wrestling.

"I honestly think that people would rather, like, I think people would rather see Conor vs. Diaz", Roddy told Submission Radio this week. "He can have as many trainers in the world trying to help him with this one, but I'm a Pandora's Box, man, and he doesn't know how to open this sh*t".

Another day has passed and still no word on who lightweight champion Conor McGregor will fight next.

McGregor does want to return to the UFC before the end of 2017, having yet to defend the lightweight strap he won from Eddie Alvarez last November.

Apparently, McGregor is a huge fan of professional wrestling as noted by sources close to the "Notorious" Irishman, the UFC Lightweight Champion has drawn influence from The Rock and Ric Flair for the trash-talk and fight promotion aspects of his persona. Like, he's an exciting fighter. Because if you go to 170, if you go to 185, or even if you drop to 145, I will f*cking follow you, Conor, and I will haunt your f*cking dreams, kid, and I will come after you. "So I just want to see him back in there sooner rather than later".

"It's a bit unorthodox and stuff, but I just honestly think that Conor's going to be way too clean for Ferguson".

"But this time it looks like a deal is going to be locked into place". We saw that against Mayweather and if Kevin Lee connected with [Ferguson], sure as hell Conor will connect as well.

Bisping also added that a unification bout between McGregor and Ferguson also leaves Diaz out in the cold, with his financial demands for a third bout against McGregor having seemingly priced out White. But Roddy leans towards a third fight with Diaz should be McGregor's next challenge. But 20 million, I think what he's doing there is pricing himself out of the market, simple as that. If the right fight comes up and the right money's on the table I'm sure he would jump in and go again. "I will probably defend my interim belt more times than that dude would ever defend that belt". "I'm ready to start training next week". It's when you're fighting, when you're training out of camp is when you improve, when you work on new techniques and you develop new areas of the game.