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GameStop, ThinkGeek have more SNES Classic Editions in stock starting today

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Eloisa Felix | Octubre 11, 2017, 16:35

According to the account, on September 15 Nintendo filed a trademark application that included an image of what's unmistakably a Game Boy, even if the name of Nintendo's first portable system doesn't actually appear in the image. A Russian hacker found a way to install new games to NES Classic using USB cable. Moreover, gamers can apparently include box art and more to make it seamlessly blend in with the built-in software.

Of course, we'll keep you in the know and remind you when retailers are expected to get the system back in stock, but you'll still need to be quick if you're hoping to put a SNES Classic Edition under your Christmas tree or in your stocking. You can even plug an NES Classic controller into an SNES Classic, though obviously that won't do you much good if your game uses more than two buttons to play. Nintendo pre-loaded it with 21 of the best SNES games to ever be released, and we doubt too many people have beaten every single one of them.

Unlocking a console is not without its risks, and the authors of the unlocking tool warn that there is a chance that it could become "bricked", rendering it unusable, if the unlocking procedure does not work correctly.

The roms needed to expand your library are also not available to purchase from Nintendo, or any other major games company, legally.

Not that you'd already be bored with the SNES Mini's current line-up.

Essentially, it automatically converts ROM files into the required SNES Classic format.

It was recently announced that a Mini Commodore 64 is releasing next year.

It's unclear if Nintendo is indeed working on a Game boy Classic, but if they were, this would be a step towards making it happen.