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Who will move next in Spain's crisis — Catalan referendum

Lionel Messi scored the second and third goals as Barcelona made it seven wins in seven Lionel Messi scored the second and third goals as Barcelona made it seven wins in seven
Federico Mansilla | Octubre 04, 2017, 00:33

The motto embedded in FC Barcelona's history and words that have led the club forward to global glory have never had a more polarized meaning than today.

As the votes are tallied, Puigdemont has opened the door to a unilateral declaration of independence for the northwestern region.

Dealing with Mr Puigdemont's provocative challenge would have tested any Spanish government.

Thousands of people took to the streets and blocked roads across Catalonia on Tuesday amid strikes to protest against the police violence used during the weekend's divisive independence referendum.

Between 1968 and 2011, Eta and related groups killed approximately 840 people, wounded a further 2,500, and kidnapped 80, according to a report on the conflict by the Washington DC-based United States Institute of Peace.

The index that tracks the dollar against a basket of six major currencies added 0.6 percent to 93.588.

Schinas declined to comment on whether the "violence" the EU was condemning was that inflicted by Spanish police.

"The constitution is based on the indissoluble unity of the Spanish nation, the common and indivisible homeland of all Spaniards; it recognises and guarantees the right to self-government of the nationalities and regions of which it is composed and the solidarity among them all". "He's only meeting with PSOE and Ciudadanos, so it doesn't seem like he wants big changes to his strategy".

All of this is unsurprising, given that Barca has long been a vehicle for, and source of, the drive for Catalan freedom from Spain.

Emotions and disappointment aside - wouldn't it be a selfish thing to ask from a football club in the first place?

Then there is the issue of the emotional link between Catalonia and Spain, which has deteriorated over the past decade.

Catalonia has 7.5 million inhabitants and, accounting for roughly 20 per cent of Spain's economic output, is one of its wealthiest regions. In one video, broadcast by a local newspaper, a woman is seen being thrown down a flight of stairs. Nuns, blind people and others in wheelchairs, and mothers with babes in arms turned out.

Aleix Pratsferrer, born in Barcelona and father of two children in Quebec with a French spouse, spoke of a day full of hopes, but also full of tension and sadness "whenever there was news of attacks by the police". But these reforms may prevent the country from breaking, though they are not currently on the table. Police also raided the offices of T-Systems, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG that provide computer services to the agency and detained one of its executives. While either of these options would remove the current Catalan leadership - which Madrid doesn't consider valid - from the equation, they would only lead to additional social unrest and potentially new episodes of violence.

Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik has since postponed an independence referendum, following what Politico describes as pressure from Western powers who would not recognise an independent Republika Srpska. Pro-independence sentiments are unlikely to go away anytime soon.

Rajoy has slammed the vote - calling it illegal and an attack on the rule of law, and riot police were heavy handed.

Magda Bandera, on the other hand, thinks that Brussels will have to act as a mediator.

Barcelona Defender, Pique has offered to retire from the Spanish National Team. We obviously make a call to the international community to take an active part in this.

"Yesterday's scenes were unedifying but clearly this is a matter for Spain, for the Spanish people and the Spanish government and the Catalonians to resolve within Spain, and I'm sure they will look to try and do so".