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For many, Maria's impact on Puerto Rico hits close to home

Total Devastation in Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria Total Devastation in Puerto Rico After Maria Joe Raedle Getty
Orlondo Matamoros | Setiembre 23, 2017, 15:56

A 27 member team, including two search and rescue canines from the Massachusetts Urban Search and Rescue Task Force left Massachusetts Friday night to help the hurricane recovery efforts in Puerto Rico.

For the island's 73,000 residents, there are urgent needs for water, food and medical equipment.

Northern and eastern Dominican Republic, Turks and Caicos, and the Southeastern Bahamas.8 to 16 inches, isolated 20 inches.

"Water levels in Puerto Rico should continue receding during the next few hours". "Everybody has the right to be saved". The winds drive the rain.

Joel Garcia said some of his family didn't evacuate and, instead, rode out the storm.

Meanwhile, the storm is rolling on.

Hurricane Maria has many people in the 69 News viewing area worried about their families in Puerto Rico. "Money will not create that much of a difference, it's the money we need to be able to transport these goods to the island". There's about 500 shelters open nationwide. The boys were their children. A lot of them are wood-frame houses with metal roofs. "I'm afraid it's probably going to be severe". Isabela has about 45,000 people, Quebradillas 25,000 people. Cellphone service has gone out.

Puerto Rico's power grid could be down for months after getting thrashed by a Category 4 Hurricane Maria - the strongest hurricane to ever directly hit on the island.

Meteorologist John Morales had reported sustained hurricane-strength winds for San Juan starting early Wednesday morning, with the harshest conditions coming four hours later. But there were 500 people at the Roberto Clemente Coliseum. Figueroa said her sister is safe in Cuernavaca, but the city had suffered damage. "This is not the Puerto Rico we know". If the storm surge arrives at high tide, both regions could see waters 6 to 9 feet above normal levels.

After Hurricane Irma earlier this month lashed Florida and caused power outages throughout the state, eight people trapped in a nursing home died after the facility's backup generator failed to come online to power the air conditioning. "I have started seeing reports from previously unreachable towns asking for supplies of basic necessity". It's not just people, but it's people moving with pets, with children, with elderly relatives.

Puerto Rico officials said on Friday that six people had been confirmed killed by the storm: Three died in landslides in Utuado, in the island's mountainous center; two drowned in flooding in Toa Baja, west of San Juan, and one died in Bayamon, also near San Juan, after being stuck by a piece of wind-blown lumber.

The warning has been lifted from the U.S and the British Virgin Islands, according to the latest update by the U.S. National Hurricane Center. "I hope the wind damage to the rainforest is minimal. So we have to reconstruct, rebuild, reinvent, and we have to be resilient". The island is expected to be without power for weeks, authorities said. Maria's eye opened up, and there were clear areas where the sea surface shows through.