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Rohingya children among worst affected by Myanmar violence

Rohingya children among worst affected by Myanmar violence Rohingya children among worst affected by Myanmar violence
Orlondo Matamoros | Setiembre 17, 2017, 07:39

About 40 per cent of the total Rohingya population living in the Rakhine State of Myanmar has now fled to Bangladesh, the UN has said.

One Rohingya man said his village of Rashidong had been attacked six days earlier by Myanmar soldiers and police.

"Bangladesh wants to maintain peace and good relations with its neighboring countries, but it cannot accept unjust acts of the Myanmar government".

The aid was sent after directives from King Mohammed VI to support Bangladesh's efforts to cope with the influx of Rohingya refugees who have fled Myanmar, the ministry said. The White House said it was "alarmed" by the "allegations of human rights abuses, including extrajudicial killings, burning of villages, massacres, and rape, by security forces and by civilians acting with these forces' consent".

He also urged the international community to provide whatever assistance they could.

The relief material consists of items like rice, pulses, sugar, salt, cooking oil, tea, ready-to-eat noodles, biscuits and mosquito nets. He said that Rohingya people of Myanmar be given full basic human rights.

The exodus of refugees, sparked by the security forces' fierce response to a series of Rohingya militant attacks, is the most pressing problem Ms Suu Kyi has faced since becoming leader last year.

Then on September 13, the show aired a brief clip of the UN chief calling on Myanmar authorities to end the violence, which Woodruff followed with "Myanmar claims that it's only reacting to attacks by Rohingya insurgents".

Fellow Nobel laureates, including the Dalai Lama, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Malala Yousafzai, had called on Suu Kyi to stop the violence.

"India's position is same as Bangladesh's over the Rohingya issue".

During the British colonial occupation of Myanmar (then Burma), Myanmar was treated as a province of India.

The aid group Médecins Sans Frontières said on Thursday it had reports that its clinics in Rakhine had been burned down and it called for "unfettered access to people in desperate need".

Since August 25, the number of Rohingya refugees who have crossed the border from Myanmar into Bangladesh has now reached 389,000, Stephane Dujarric, spokesman to the UN Secretary General told reporters at the UN headquarters in New York.