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Trump Receives Briefing On North Korea As Tensions Escalate

Trump warned North Korea that the U.S. military solutions are Trump warned North Korea that the U.S. military solutions are"locked and loaded if the country attacks
Eduardo Anchondo | Agosto 12, 2017, 15:24

So we have very little intelligence and data about this closed regime. So that makes any military conflict difficult because a lot of it is flying blind.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: The first time they've heard it like they heard it, and frankly the people who were questioning that statement, was it too tough? And China can help us in convincing North Korea they don't need nuclear weapons in order to do that.

But U.S. stocks regained some lost ground, despite Trump's comments Friday that U.S. weapons are "locked and loaded", ready to respond if North Korea acts "unwisely".

CARDIN: Well, I - yes, absolutely, because what we need to do is get North Korea to negotiate a freeze of their program and ultimately, the elimination of their nuclear weapon program. Is there anything to be said for that tactic?

KK: You've introduced legislation that would require Congress to authorize nuclear weapons use-how would that function? And here's what he said.

TL: When the framers designed the Constitution, they put in all sorts of checks and balances on the President. He's going to stop the threat. That actually would be war.

"It's a call to order and a call to action", says Clay Stamp, head of Maryland's Opioid Operational Command Center. You spend hours sitting in a van, waiting for the president. China want - does not want a unified Korea peninsula. "I took over a mess and we're going to make it a lot less messy".

"Donald Trump is impaired by a seriously sick psyche", he wrote in the letter, which was shared with WMUR.

MARTIN: What - are President Trump's words, though, undermining the potential effectiveness of those sanctions if it just keeps escalating the rhetoric and escalating the threats that North Korea throws back? Do you think the president's language helps or hurts right now?

The issue of leaks and other matters - at least in Mr Trump's interpretation - centres on him. I do believe that. We're reaching out to a number of Republicans to see if they would co-author. Is there any reason President Trump's threats are more disturbing to you?

In this way the subject is like his foreign policy - and his domestic policy, too: he casts himself in a starring role. The Trump administration has definitely not exhausted the option of diplomacy. You have a total of zero talks with the North Koreans. We cannot leave our national security and our families' safety in the hands of a President whose poor judgement, belligerence, vindictiveness and reckless impetuosity constitute an indictment of his mental health. So hopefully they do, but it hasn't been a good track record thus far. That's another problem with the administration: you don't really know what their strategy is.

The president's vocal displeasure with the investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller will not result in Mueller's firing, he said.