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GT Sport won't have microtransactions — Yamauchi

Gran Turismo Sport Singleplayer Mode Info GT Sport won't have microtransactions — Yamauchi
Orlondo Matamoros | Agosto 12, 2017, 17:59

The trailer don't show a single second of gameplay (at least not of the new game, there are a few glimpses of the earlier games), but focuses on four of the winners of the GT Academy competition, who made the jump from gamers to professional racing drivers thanks to their determination and to Gran Turismo.

Today Sony Interactive Entertainment released a series of four trailers of the upcoming racing game by Polyphony Digital Gran Turismo Sport.

So far, known offline content for Gran Turismo Sport includes the Livery Editor, Scapes ( the photo mode), Arcade mode, and campaign.

That would feel a bit too much like real life and, of course, GT Sport is more about the fantasy side of driving over the serious simulation of the main series.

The news will no doubt be received well in the Gran Turismo community, especially since we're so close to the game's release now after years of waiting. He did, however, announce DLC and post-launch updates.

With publishers pushing multiplayer in nearly every modern title coming out of studios these days, it's fairly rare to see a game that easily caters for both multiplayer and single-player audiences, focus on the latter.

When GT Sport releases on October 18th, it'll be performing a pretty drastic handbrake turn on the subject of microtransactions.