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Kinzinger on Trump Rhetoric on NKorea: 'Why Not Give It a Shot?'

North Korea 'examining' plans for attacking Guam Guam: America's military base in the western Pacific
Orlondo Matamoros | Agosto 10, 2017, 07:06

President Trump has vowed the US will remain the "most powerful nation in the world" and bragged about its "stronger and more powerful" nuclear arsenal in a direct threat against North Korea online. But this week's game of nuclear roulette with equally egocentric and pathologically defensive Kim Jong-Un goes magnitudes beyond the norm.

Trump went on to say the biggest threat the world faced was nuclear proliferation.

The latest flash point in the American showdown with North Korea has drawn sharply different responses from President Trump and his top national security aides. "If U.S. citizens are attacked or if U.S. troops are attacked, it would lead to a massive retaliatory strike from the United States...and with the young leader, as unpredictable as he is, there is no evidence to say he is suicidal".

Trump ratcheted up his rhetoric toward North Korea on Tuesday following news that the totalitarian state had successfully miniaturized a nuclear warhead to fit inside an intercontinental ballistic missile.

"How we train is how we fight and the more we interface with our allies, the better prepared we are to fight tonight", a US pilot said in the article.

(CNN)The last 24 hours have seen a rapid ramping-up of the rhetoric coming out of the White House toward North Korea's rogue regime. The statement described North Korea's plans for Guam as including "historic enveloping fire", and said it will "keep closely watching the speech and behavior of the US".

The newspaper said that claim was contained in a confidential assessment by America's Defence Intelligence Agency. The tone of Trump's warning this time around has shaken investors.

The US President also took to Twitter again today as he continued the boast about his nuclear arsenal. "In my view, diplomacy is the only sound path forward", Feinstein said.

Adams said Trump "has done more to divide the country than he's done to bring us together which is what he said he was going to do".

Trump's statement represented a marked escalation in tensions between the two countries, and North Korea retaliated by threatening to strike a US air base in Guam.

"It is dangerous and reckless and counterproductive for Donald Trump to threaten the annihilation of North Korea", said Daryl Kimball, the head of the Washington-based Arms Control Association.

"What the president is doing is sending a strong message to North Korea in language that Kim Jong-un would understand, because he doesn't seem to understand diplomatic language", Tillerson told pool reporters Wednesday morning.

"Canada is not a military power, with humanitarianism, we are uniquely suited."