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Trump trips over his own ignorance on health care

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Orlondo Matamoros | Julio 21, 2017, 17:12

Professor Kominski says the second thing that could happen in California if Obamacare stays in place is President Trump could put an end to a federal program that helps millions of low-income Americans pay their co-pays and deductibles.

Dale also pointed out that back in May, Trump told The Economist that health insurance costs $15 a month. "As they get something, it gets tougher". In reality, people don't know that or talk about it because it's spectacularly untrue. "So pre-existing conditions are a tough deal".

What happens to health care in California if the Affordable Care Act stays in place, but the Trump Administration doesn't support it? It's a very tough deal, but it is something that we're doing a good job of.

Meanwhile, President Trump also received some acknowledgement from O.J. Simpson, whose attorney made mention of Mr. Trump eating two scoops of ice cream at White House dinners, while everyone else gets one scoop of ice cream, as reported by Business Insider in the following tweet.

Despite declaring to Republican senators that he is ready to sign a healthcare bill, the President has demonstrated a shaky understanding of the legislation he is pushing and the healthcare industry he wants to reform.

"It seems Trump might think health insurance is the same as the 'low monthly price' life insurance from TV ads", he wrote. "Because you are basically saying from the moment the insurance, you're 21 years old, you start working and you're paying $12 a year for insurance, and by the time you're 70, you get a nice plan", he said.

Trump has described health insurance in this way before.

"Finally, we encourage the bureau to require Anthem to provide information on what quality improvement or cost-containment measures it is undertaking on behalf of its members, and what the results have been of any such efforts already in progress", Butterfield said in a written statement.

Belgrade resident Susan Kinney, who has two daughters with autoimmune diseases, said the premium and deductible costs of her family's policy are likely to approach $29,000 this year even if her family only seeks treatment within Anthem's network.

Most people, of course, pay significantly more, but what's notable about Trump's comment is that the description he uses in both interviews is not health insurance, but rather more like life insurance.

The president then spent the day proving Ezra right.