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Trump spoke with Putin at the end of the G20 social dinner

Orlondo Matamoros | Julio 19, 2017, 12:27

President Trump had a previously unreported and undisclosed meeting with Vladimir Putin during the G-20 summit, White House officials confirmed Tuesday.

Anton didn't provide details about who else was with Trump during the conversation with Putin, the topics or how long the two men talked. "Throughout the G20 and in all his other foreign engagements, President Trump has demonstrated American leadership by representing our interests and values on the world stage", the White House said in support of the meeting. Reporters traveling with the White House were not informed, and there was no formal readout of the chat.

US intelligence believe Russia helped Mr Trump in last year's presidential election, something denied by Russia.

The lack of a US translator raised eyebrows among other leaders at the dinner, said Bremmer, who called it a "breach of national security protocol".

In a statement, a White House official cast the conversation as commonplace and dismissed the idea that anyone had tried to hide the encounter.

Rumors suggest Garrett's nomination is in trouble: "President Donald Trump is standing behind former Rep. Scott Garrett, his choice to head the Export-Import Bank, amid escalating pressure from business groups to pull the plug on the nomination".

Noor's partner, Matthew Harrity, told investigators he was startled by a loud sound near their squad vehicle right before Damond approached the car on his side. He also sits on the boards of directors of major companies such as Hilton, Chevron and Ford.

In the evening, both men attended a dinner with G20 leaders.

Later that night, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel hosted a dinner for leaders and spouses only, and the German government set the seating arrangements, it said. The move is expected to put pressure on Italy's EU neighbours to do more to help ease the migration crisis.

Leaders who reported the meeting to him, Bremmer said, were "bemused, non-plussed, befuddled" by the animated conversation, held in full view - but not listening distance - of others present. President Donald Trump should not take the bait. Huntsman previously served as US ambassador to China and to Singapore. And Trump is furious at media for reporting about it.

ROSEN: Yes, the White House Counsel's Office and the president's personal lawyer have conflicted in the past.

Democratic Delaware Sen. Chris Coons, speaking on CNN's "The Situation Room" with Wolf Blitzer, said he had heard of the meeting from a source on Tuesday morning.