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Kate and William meet Holocaust survivors on visit to Nazi concentration camp

Eduardo Anchondo | Julio 19, 2017, 17:37

Prince William, Duchess Kate and their children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, arrived in Berlin Wednesday on the second leg of their five-day tour of Poland and Germany.

Princess Royal is the title given to a British monarch's eldest daughter, but her husband receives no royal title.

When the couple walked on to the main complex, before them were the remains of the camp with some huts left intact showing the cramped living conditions. Together they had two sons: William, the Duke of Cambridge, and Harry, the Prince of Wales.

"From comparatively modest circumstances, the Middleton family could not be more different from the royal family".

This week, in Warsaw and then in Gdansk, Prince William and Kate will be reminded of Poland's recent turbulent history.

The couple will on Thursday move on to Heidelberg in the west, Cambridge's twin city, where they will take part in a rowing competition.

"It is, too, a terrible reminder of the cost of war". The strength of this evidence, it is a George good soulé by the official visit to the family that he must sit through, which has landed on the tarmac of Warsaw. The lighter fluid and electricity combined to spark the fire in his beard and chest hair. Who wouldn't want to be related to the ever-stylish Queen Elizabeth II?

Each of the pleats had their own individual cut-out pattern on them which was edged in black. Again, George did not want to wave hello from the hand of all these great people that he does not know and he did understand with a great deal of mimicry, grinning.

"The royals represent a kind of common sense that this hard ideological government of the Tories seems to have completely lost at the moment", its commentator Thomas Huetlin said. She says the bugs were so thick residents couldn't see the ground.

Yesterday, in an emotional visit to the camp where they saw so many die, they returned to Stutthof for the first time.