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Iraq overwhelmed by congratulatory messages after IS defeat, insurgency threats still looming

Iraq overwhelmed by congratulatory messages after IS defeat, insurgency threats still looming Iraq overwhelmed by congratulatory messages after IS defeat, insurgency threats still looming
Orlondo Matamoros | Julio 11, 2017, 11:56

Obama subsequently insisted he was merely following through on a withdrawal plan initiated during the Bush administration but he did not approve his commanders' recommendation that a residual American air-and-land combat force remain in Iraq.

Bennet Milloy, spokesman for the state's Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, said Monday that officials had to send in three engine crews to rescue a person who ignored weekend orders to leave as flames approached mountain homes.

The decaying corpses of militants lay in the narrow streets of the Old City, where IS has staged a last stand against Iraqi forces backed by the US-led coalition.

To prevent civilians from evacuating to safety, IS trapped people inside their homes by welding their doors shut, rigging booby traps at exits, and summarily killing hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people attempting to escape.

An unknown group of militants sprung to global celebrity status under the sobriquet Islamic State in Syria and Levant (ISIL) in June 2014 when Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi announced the establishment of an Islamic State in Mosul's iconic leaning minaret mosque before waging an offensive attack to control almost more than half of the country. CNN drove through some of these areas, and saw signs of life returning to normal - traffic on the roads and chickens being sold in makeshift markets.

Townsend was confident that Raqqa would be captured but declined to put a timeline on the battle's duration.

"They made no real effort to properly bury the bodies", said Belkis Wille, a senior Iraq researcher at Human Rights Watch, who visited the site in November.

Iraq's prime minister, Haider al-Abadi, formally declared victory over the Islamic State group in Mosul on Monday, marking the biggest defeat for the group since it declared a caliphate three years ago.

Al Jazeera that many people are malnourished and seriously dehydrated.

"This is why they have resorted to escalating their attacks in Europe, which I think are desperate attempts to tell the world that they are still here and capable of targeting the core of your secure countries", he added.

"So it is very important for Iraqi officials to gain the trust of the civilian population to make sure this doesn't happen".

Going forward, Walsh says that "Iraq has to begin the healing between its Shia and Sunni ethnicities", which has been next to impossible for years. As the battle space constricted, the coalition began approving airstrikes dropping bombs of 200 pounds or more on IS targets within 50 meters (yards) of friendly forces.

"The true death toll of the west Mosul battle may never be known", it said. If you tried to run away, they would catch you and kill you, and hang your body from the electricity pylon as a warning.Four of my neighbours were caught trying to escape, and I saw them hanging from the electricity pylon.

"They knock on all the doors, they tell all the families to move with them, at gunpoint", Wille said.

They blamed the U.S. -led Western powers for not wholeheartedly seeking to destroy IS, as they are more interested in defeating the Syrian government and Iran.

Mosul was conquered by Arabs in 641 and reached its cultural peak in the 12th century before falling to Mongols in 1262, and then to Persians and Ottomans. And now we've all seen city blocks in war zones that have been destroyed - neighborhoods that have been destroyed.

Oxfam cautioned that residents must be treated equally, regardless of any alleged family links to IS. Wille says that ISIS feared the police might still be allied with the Iraqi state - and lead an insurrection against its control.